SAS Reports of your dreams

SAS Reports of your dreams

SUGI 30, 2005


Find out why Output Delivery System (ODS) tagsets are going to take over the world! ODS tagsets are incredibly powerful tools that can simplify and conquer the worst of problems. New ODS markup destinations are being created all the time. One of the most powerful aspects of ODS markup is its ability to reuse and combine previous work to create more powerful and flexible ODS markup destinations. 

'The SAS reports of your dreams' is all about dreaming. We can spend so much time trying to do what we need that we have no time to dream about what we should have. Dreams are about possibility, and often realizing our dreams can negate what we are so pressed and consumed by. Dream a little. Maybe your dream will fulfill what is pressuring you and then some.

I have been a lucid dreamer since I was a kid. I love my dreams. Sometimes my dreams inform me and teach me about the real world. Sometimes they inspire me to create. Sometimes creating something that seems so fanciful is just the thing to do. It can solve your immediate problems as well as the future problems your dream foretold.

'The SAS reports of your dreams' is creative like that. Imagine reports you thought impossible. With ODS Tagsets, almost anything is possible. The only limitation is your imagination. Hopefully this paper will spur your imagination and help you to create imaginative solutions and great reports with SAS and ODS.

Get the paper and the example code!

Everything is available in my GitHub repositories.

This paper, as with all of my SAS papers, is available from my SAS-Papers github repository. The example code for this paper can be found in my SAS-Examples github repository.

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