PROC REPORT, the Right Tool for the Job

PROC REPORT, the Right Tool for the Job

Hawaii SAS Users group, 2006.

This was a presentation given especially for the Hawaii SAS user group's SAS day. It was really a tutorial and was almost two hours in length. The examples progressed very logically and slowly revealed what you need to know to start using Proc Report to create amazing reports. Proc Report is amazingly versatile and powerful. Learn how to use it and your reporting life will be much easier.


'PROC REPORT, the Right Tool for the Job' 

Covers a lot of ground-- Everything you need to know for basic reporting and then some, including compute blocks, computed columns, column aliases, analysis columns, noprint, style over rides, and even computed urls for drill down reports.

Then, on top of it all, I show how to use the slider and survey tagsets to create some really nice tables.  You may want to change the colors in the stylesheet from green, yellow, and red to something else!  The slides are fairly straight forward. Get the example code from my repository for the full story.

Get the example code!

Everything is available in my GitHub repositories.

This paper, as with all of my SAS papers, is available from my SAS-Papers github repository. The example code for this paper can be found in my SAS-Examples github repository

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