ODS Tagset Spelunking and Cartography

ODS Tagset Spelunking and Cartography

SUGI 30, 2005


Tagsets are perceived as a dark maze of twisty passages. But there are many ways to look inside and map the passages and their contents. The key to understanding and using the tagsets is knowing how to look inside. There are several simple methods that will shine the light on everything from the simplest of tagset changes to the creation of very complex tagsets. 

If you are trying to understand how tagsets work, you want to create your own, or you just want to change one little thing in a tagset you have, then this is the paper for you. 

The tagset language itself is not a difficult language. The difficulty with tagsets comes from two sources.

  • Tagsets are event driven
  • Tagsets are so simplistic, difficult problems become complicated.

Coming to terms with event driven models can take some time if you are not used to them. This paper uses various tools written in the tagset language itself to give the ability to look inside what appears to be a mostly black box.

Various programming techniques are also discussed so that actually using this simplistic language won't get in the way of creating solutions to your goals.

Get the paper and the example code!

Everything is available in my GitHub repositories.

This paper, as with all of my SAS papers, is available from my SAS-Papers github repository. The example code for this paper can be found in my SAS-Examples github repository.

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