Fression, Pail and Cascalog

Using Fressian with Pails and Cascalog in Clojure.

In my Previous post I wrote about using Thrift, Pail and Cascalog. In this post I’ll replace thrift and graph schema with Fressian and native data types. It turns out that Fressian, Pail, and Cascalog go together like peanut butter and jelly. As before this is based on David Cuddeback’s clj-pail and pail-cascalog libraries. Instead of pail-thrift I have a new Pail-Fressian library which handles the details of using Fressian with Pail. Pail-Fressian on clojars All of the code in this post is available in an [example repository] ( Clone my repository, fire up a REPL and follow along!


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