Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is one of those unexpected things that happens in life. I had no idea what Argentine tango was or why I would want to do it. Now, I would not want to imagine life without it.

Susannah and I teach weekly classes and monthly workshops.  Through a merging of our yoga practice and our Tango Practice we have created a new practice called TangoBreath. TangoBreath is a tango vinyasa. 

In our efforts to help people learn tango we write articles and create body awareness challenges so that everyone can become more aware of how they stand, walk and move throughout their days as well as in their dance. We take a holistic approach to teaching and learning tango. Dance is holistic movement. It involves the entire body. Moving as if we are dancing in every moment of every day leads to a healthier life and makes dance that much better as well.


TangoBreath, the study and practice of Argentine tango movement and dance.

Become aware of your posture and movement. Maybe find some Argentine tango in your community.

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