In the last 4 years, Eric has been working with clojure, cascalog, hadoop and datomic to build a system which ingests and combines disparate data, analyzes that data with a repeatable workflow and generates easily queryable data snapshots.

Eric Gebhart is well known as one of the principle developers of the SAS software's Output Delivery System (ODS). Working for SAS Institute from 1995-2012, Eric showed himself to be very forward thinking with extraordinary strengths in thinking outside of the box. Early on, Eric designed and implemented the core family of ODS objects which later came to support all rendered output from the Base SAS system. Eric created the SAS Tagset programming language in a successful effort to empower SAS Programmers with the ability to create any markup language output they might desire.

The tagset programming language enabled a tremendous number of output types to be developed by SAS and customers alike, which in turn, enabled an agility to adapt and change with the current needs, independent of the monolithic 2-year development cycle.

In addition, Eric developed many other features of SAS Output Delivery System over the years, including various template languages, ODS packages (zip files), and the abstraction of the tagset language base layer, enabling the integration of Lua as the next generation Tagset language. Eric wrote the base Lua tagset class that all Lua tagsets are derived from. Eric is also responsible for a good many SAS ODS output types including, HTML, CSV, XBRL, LaTeX, Excel 2002, Excel 2010, RTF, DocBook XML, and troff which has a special place in his heart.  Eric has also authored a book 'ODS Markup: Tagsets by example' which will be out in ebook format in the coming months.

Over the years, Eric has hacked at many operating systems but Unix has always been his favorite. Starting with Xenix back in 1980, Eric was hooked. C-programming, then embedded Oracle programming, and complete Unix geekdom programming with shell, awk, and sed. Eric was the lead developer on an oil- and gas-well publishing system where he designed and developed a database driven publishing system using Troff. This led to a series of projects over the years involving Oracle, GUI programming and reporting, and culminated in being hired by SAS to develop the same reporting abilities in their newly created Output Delivery System.

Eric's first install of Linux was Slackware, which required the downloading and creation of two boxes of 3.5" floppys, before installation could even begin. Eric has been through many Linux and FreeBSD systems since. After years of OS X he has given up on Apple and switched back to Linux. His current systems are Arch Linux with Xmonad for the window manager.

Eric's first object oriented programming language was Objective C, back in the 1986 before C++ came along and swept everyone away.

When Eric is not in front of a computer, he is generally out unicycling, bicycling. Eric teaches Argentine tango on a weekly basis both locally and in other communities. He has developed a curriculum of movement practice designed to create body awareness, good posture, balance, and grace. In his younger years, Eric was an avid weight lifter, but has since come to reason and practices Yoga and body weight exercises on a regular basis. An avid cyclist, Eric can sometimes be seen riding his unicycle or fixed gear bicycle around town and in the woods surrounding Asheville.

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