My name is Eric Gebhart. I ride unicycles, make mobiles, and teach Argentine tango. I’m a software developer based in Asheville, North Carolina.
The last 4 years I have been programming in Clojure with Cascalog and hadoop. With the occasional project in elisp, and various other languages.
I also occasionally speak at developer conferences.
You can contact me by email at e.a.gebhart@gmail.com;.

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Eric is available for your software development projects. He is uniquely qualified to help with the streamlining of processes and the creation of custom reporting with the SAS System. Eric is continuing to develop new SAS tagsets for more powerful and versatile reporting from the SAS Output Delivery System.

Eric is also very experienced at systems design and architecture, database design, Unix, C, Python, and the Qt GUI library with a growing dose of Objective C, Cocoa, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript.

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I make mobiles. I’ve made them since I was kid, long before I knew who Alexander Calder was. I must have gotten the idea from somewhere, but I don’t know where. I’ve been making mobiles most of my life. They are a nice distraction from the sort of work that comes with being a software developer by day.

Mobile: 2 Red Circles and a Yellow Dot

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